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Cloud Income Review – Can Niche Sites Really Make Money In 2017?

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When it comes to building niche websites in 2017, there is information scattered all across the internet. It seems like more, and more people are building these sites and documenting the process to help other people get started making money online.

Very few business models can deliver the level of “passive” income that building niche websites can. Over the last few years, though, the niche website industry has evolved enough, and the rules have changed, so can Cloud Income actually help you make money with them in 2017?

Money Falling on a Man and His Laptop

Let’s dissect exactly what Cloud Income can teach you, and then we’ll figure out whether or not they are a good source of information that you should follow if you’re wanting to build a digital business and make money online.

What’s A Niche Website?

In a nutshell, niche websites are small websites that are generally built around 5 to 10 pages of content that are focused on a very small “niche”. Niches, in terms of this type of website, are small markets of people that all have a very tightly focused interest.

To give you an example of a niche market, let’s take a look at badminton. It’s a sport similar to tennis, and played by thousands of people all over the world.

If you wanted to build a niche website around badminton, you would start researching the sport itself so you’re familiar with what people who play it are looking for.

Once you know what the people who are active in sport are looking for, you can begin creating content around those topics. This is where the term “niche” comes in.

In general, it’s best to keep these sites on the smaller side when they’re first being built, focusing on a few key areas of the topic that are going to have a high probability of generating an income.

In other words, you only want to write about content that’s going to provide useful answers to the people who land on your site, and answers that are going to help them purchase products that you recommend.

Woman Writing Content on a Laptop

When you perform proper research on the topics you’re going to write about, you can identify low competition “long tail keywords” that will rank highly in the search results pages of major search engines like Google and Bing.

Whenever someone searches for topics that you’ve written about and your pages rank near the top of the search results, they will click the link to land on your site and start reading through the content you’ve created.

Search engine traffic is what makes niche websites so lucrative, and allows them to generate a “passive” income stream. People can search for your website 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, from all over the world.

You do not have to continue working on the site once you’re ranked at the top of the search results pages, allowing you to move onto other projects and increase your income through even more niche websites.

How Can You Make Money With Them?

Building the website, creating content that people in the badminton niche want to see, and getting your website to rank at the top of the search results is only half the battle. To build a business, you’re going to need to make money and, with niche websites, making money is fairly straightforward.

One of the best (and easiest) ways to make money with niche websites is the Amazon Associates affiliate marketing program. Amazon allows you to promote products on their website and earn a commission for each sale that you refer.

Let’s run some basic numbers to give you an example of what’s possible when you build a successful niche website. Keep in mind, too, that these are random numbers. Many niche websites make substantially more, while some niche websites do not make a dime. This is just to give you an example of how you can make money with them.

Using a Calculator to Count Money

Let’s assume you rank near the top of the search results for 10 different keywords, and those 10 keywords deliver 20,000 visitors per month to your website.

Of those 20,000 visitors, 10% of them will take a recommendation that you’ve made, click one of your links that lead to Amazon, and purchase one of the products that you’ve featured on your website.

That means 2,000 people are going to make a purchase from Amazon, allowing you to make a commission on the products that they’ve purchased.

Let’s also assume that each one of those products is selling for $20. Amazon pays between 4% and 8%, depending on how many sales you’ve made throughout the month. Let’s assume, again, that it’s towards the end of the month and you’re at the 8% comission range.

Of those 2,000 sales, and $20 average product price, you’re going to make $1.60 per sale, which totals out to $3,200 per month.

That $3,200 per month is delivered automatically because of the website ranking near the top of the search results pages, and the traffic coming into it on a regular basis without having to continue working for it.

Is Cloud Income A Legitimate Source Of Information?

Now that you know what niche websites are and how you can make money with them, should you trust the Cloud Income website and it’s founder, Lewis Ogden to help you make your business dreams a reality?

When you’re looking over their website, one thing that you’re going to notice is that there is a ton of information already available, and the process of building a successful niche website has been documented from beginning to end.

Lewis Ogden has devoted a substantial portion of his website to showing people what is possible, and documenting the process that he’s taken to get to where he is at today.

Lewis Ogden on White Background

That being said, there are some things that you’re going to need to watch out for when you’re taking advice from him, in regards to building a successful niche website business.

First, some of the information on his website could be considered outdated. Just by looking at his homepage you can see that the Cloud Income website hasn’t been updated regularly for a very long time.

In fact, the last case study update he provided was in June of 2016. If there’s one thing about building niche websites and relying on search engines to deliver the traffic you should watch out for, it’s that the search engines constantly update and evolve their algorithms which makes some of the information already available for building niche websites obsolete.

When you want to build niche websites, you need to ensure that the information you’re reading is up-to-date and that they are following the search engine’s best practices. Relying on search engine traffic means that you’re putting your business in the hands of the major search engines, so you have to follow the rules that they’ve laid out.

If you fail to follow those rules, or take outdated information that could potentially harm your website’s rankings, you’re going to have a hard time driving traffic to the site, which means that you’re also going to have a hard time making money.

One of the biggest red flags that we saw on the Cloud Income website is his use of private blog networks. Done right, private blog networks can help you rank at the top of the search results pages. Done wrong, though, and your website could be penalized and never make a dime in income.

Private Blog Network

Using private blog networks is an advanced strategy that most beginners will have a hard time properly pulling off. Because of this, we highly advise you to avoid using the information that he provides, in relation to using private blog networks to rank niche websites at the top of the search results.

The remaining information that’s available, though, is solid, and can help you build a successful business based around niche websites.

You will need to spend a good amount of time going through all of the blog posts Lewis Ogden has written, though, to decipher the information you need to start building your first website.

The more time you spend figuring out what you’re doing, and watching his process evolve as he builds out the case studies that he’s documented, the easier your job is going to be when it comes to building out your own websites.


As far as I’m concerned, Lewis Ogden is a legitimate source of information for niche websites, and if you’re interested in building a business around niche websites, you would benefit from reading the information that he’s made readily available.

You could also benefit from learning the rules of the major search engines, and learning other methods of promoting your websites (outside of using private blog networks) so that you can ensure that your websites aren’t going to be penalized down the right.

Google SEO

As your skillset evolves, and your income increases, you can begin using riskier strategies -- like blog networks -- to make even more money than what you would make without using them.

Building niche websites and making a healthy income from them is a real possibility in 2017, and Cloud Income can help you do it.

For more in-depth free training videos on how to get started earning passive income online visit our top recommended Wealthy Affiliate community and get personal one-on-one help from hundreds of mentors.

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