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Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? Get Legitimate Answers

is wealthy affiliate legitimate


Yes, the Wealthy Affiliate community and training platform are worth it because as a free starter member, you are getting an education at no cost whatsoever.  20+ full lessons. And you get to try it before deciding to go premium, which is optional. You can stay a starter member for life and they'll still give you two websites with hosting, also free forever.

You can't beat that deal anywhere on the web. Premium membership is also totally worth it if you can set aside the time required to actually go through all the courses and complete the tasks in the training. If you're not making good use of all the tools and resources given (and using them like they show you), then it may not be worth it for you. 

You see, what ends up happening is you have thousands of people trying to make money promoting Wealthy Affiliate. But they actually do not encourage beginners to promote their company at all. It is over saturated and highly competitive.

is wealthy affiliate legitimate

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In fact, their whole entire business model is focused on "you" finding "your own passion" and interest to build an online business around.

It can seem too good to be true, but make no mistake, Wealthy Affiliate is as legitimate as it gets. There is no excuse for you to not try it out.

I know, you're probably wondering why there are so many positive reviews. You're right for thinking, "it seems fishy". Well it's because they offer commissions to members (and non-members) to promote their company. And to put it frankly, because the training is that good.

"If you've stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate then congratulations, you're almost out of the gauntlet. Consider yourself in the clear, they're one of the good guys.”

It's a daunting task (as a newcomer) trying to learn how to make money online. It takes fortitude and strength to push through all the misinformation. So first, give yourself a well-deserved round of applause for getting this far.

Trying to figure out how it's even possible to make money online is one thing. Trying to avoid paying too much for training that might not work (or getting scammed) is another.

Sifting through all the reviews and noise about Wealthy Affiliate can cause serious information overload and doubt. So i'll try and clear that up while making it a little easier for you to make your final decision today, to move forward or not. 

How to make money with Wealthy Affiliate

The main way you will be making money with Wealthy Affiliate is by following their training to build a blog/website and monetizing it through affiliate marketing as you move along through the lessons. This method does require a good amount of time to learn the technical aspects of WordPress (the website/blog builder), but the good thing is that everything is integrated right into the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

The blog templates and designs are all ready for you with a push of a button. They've made writing blog posts as easy as sending an email. So there really aren't any technical hurdles, as long as you know how to use the internet to do a little research and type up some blog posts, you'll be just fine.

Now you've heard the saying that all good things take time. Well, this is the case with Wealth Affiliate. You will not be making money online right away, no matter what program you go with. Anyone telling you you'll make money fast is lying. So if you can manage to get that out of your mind now, you'll save yourself the aggravation later.

They have top notch training (probably better than anyone in the industry), but the online business model that they teach may not be for everyone. When some people find out that they have to create a blog/website and write about a topics of interest, they get discouraged. But don't let this happen to you because once everything is set up, your blog will pretty much be on autopilot.

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How long will it take to start earning money with Wealthy Affiliate?

This is a subjective question but based on students that I've been mentoring, I can confidently say anywhere between 3-5 months. I always recommend people don't rush through the training and are thorough when completing the tasks. Repeating lessons may also be necessary and is encouraged so that the material sinks in. This learning process alone can take about a month.

And because everybody's learning curve is different, as well as the amount of time that people are willing to set aside also differs greatly, there is no exact number. So, you'll be creating your site as you advance through the training completing and checking off each task step- by-step. As long as you can consistently work on you new business you will see results rather quickly.

Based on students that I've been mentoring, I can confidently say anywhere between 3-5 months. I always recommend people don't rush through the training and are thorough when completing the tasks. Repeating lessons may also be necessary and is encouraged so that the material sinks in. This learning process can take about month.

For the first couple months you'll be building out your site and creating content (the more pages the better). This includes doing research, joining affiliate programs, letting search engines know about your new content.  Getting your blog posts to rank in Google, Yahoo, and Bing can take another month or so.

As your pages start getting traction (clicks from searches) visitors will start reading and following your recommendations on which products/services to purchase. And when they do you'll earn a commission.

I don't want to go into detail here on how it all works because Wealthy Affiliate does a much better job explaining the process. My hope is that I've brought enough clarity that you can trust me to just try it out.

"Your personal network is everything."

Balancing time, energy, attention, and opportunity can seem impossible. It is an obvious discouraging point. The reality is that it doesn't have to be.

From who you choose to associate with to what you decide to spend your time on matters. It’s the basis for not only your professional, but personal success.

Every decision can seem like a make or break situation when everything is on the line and you need to make extra cash.

Road To Success

Trying to be a online business owner can be a lonely road. Either you have to take others opinions with a grain of salt, or you have to force yourself to journey alone. There are doubters, problem makers, and the ignorant are more in abundance which makes everything more complicated than it needs to be.

The issue is, there are too many training programs that promote expertise when their members offer little more than time-wasting anecdotes and spam.

You need an exceptional community along with a mentor who can enhance or speed up your progress as an online entrepreneur. Settling for public forums with outdated methods, strategies, and weekend warriors parading as experts is simply not enough.

When You Join A Legitimate Community Filled With Other Successful Affiliate Marketers, They Can Help You Reach Your Full Potential While Keeping You Motivated.

The biggest problem most novice and even advanced digital marketers run into is dealing with shady forums:

  • Forums that let anyone join and peddle their nonsense with poor moderation.
  • Places that have corrupt moderators that are indifferent to problems, promote their own agendas.
  • Sites that don’t have an investment in making their community a quality one, allowing pushy sales and adverts.

What if I told you that there was a way to ensure your online business becomes successful and your professional network could expand within only a few months of work?

Believe it or not, Wealthy Affiliate is a community which is dedicated to ensuring that your developing business is successful.

Unfortunately, the fact that everyone is trying to promote Wealthy Affiliate can seem to give them a bad name. Depending on how you look at the situation, if you can get over that fact then you can focus on if their flagship product - affiliate marketing training, is right for you.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate and How Does It Work?

Established in 2005, Wealthy Affiliate has 15 years of experience in an industry where not many last. The owners Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim have built the platform into a technological powerhouse, rivaling any top-notch web host providers, hosting thousands of websites (integrating with WordPress) the ability to purchase available domains straight from the platform, not to mention creating one of the industry's best interactive training courses for affiliate marketing.

Other notable features are their 24/7 technical support with response times under 3 minutes, 24/7 chat with the community members, not to mention the community interaction that is akin to the best of social media platforms. They have their own proprietary keyword research tool, Jaaxy that is state of the art and allows you to track your rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines. Weekly webinars with over the shoulder videos from industry expert showing exactly how they're earning money online.

Also it's important to note that their business sector is not the most friendly of environments and not too many last long. The unique and impressive part about Wealthy Affiliate is that it manages to establish a bastion of friendliness and helpfulness in such a hostile business environment. You will instantly feel like you've made it to the safe zone. It really is a breath of fresh air.

What Can Wealthy Affiliate Do For You

You can be the savviest entrepreneur on the planet, but if you do not have the proper associates and connections, it will be very difficult to get far.

When it comes to training communities such as Wealthy Affiliate, you would be right to be skeptical or wonder how exactly does everything work. What can they do that others cannot? What can they do to help you that you cannot accomplish on your own? While you can try as hard as you can to make your business work out, one of the most important things in the business world is the number of connections you have. And not going it alone. To be able to ask for advice is priceless. One little idea or tip can change everything overnight.

A Thriving Online Business

This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes into the picture. You will find every resource you need at your disposal within minutes of creating your free account at Wealthy Affiliate. If you feel that your current business is struggling to get off the ground or you want to start one for the first time, the community full of 'Ambassador' members will provide the support and feedback that you need to ensure that your business grows at an astronomical rate. You'll also be getting instant answers to your questions from real members with the 24/7 chat feature. There's always someone somewhere in the world to answer you no matter the time.

Whether you're in need of a smart and interactive community to bounce your ideas off of, or you are simply looking for business partners with similar interests, Wealthy Affiliate has you covered.

A Tolerant Community

The beauty of Wealthy Affiliate is in its spirit of cooperation. Where other business sites are hives of negativity and competition, the members of Wealthy Affiliate understand that there must be a mutual aid for such a community to thrive. Members of Wealthy Affiliate do not see the success of others as detracting from their success, but as a way to enrich the knowledge of the community at large and provides motivation.

Wealthy Affiliate is essentially one large group effort. It comprises a selection of individuals who prize mutual success above all else. Nobody ever said that you have to go it alone when you are trying to establish your startup.

The only thing more powerful than a well-managed startup is a group of startups working together to accomplish what they cannot alone. Wealthy Affiliate is on the cutting edge when it comes to ensuring the success of every member of the community.

An In-Depth Approach

An In-Depth Approach

One of the most impressive parts about Wealthy Affiliate is in the attention they pay to every minuscule aspect of your business. Other websites tend to focus on the business aspect of your startup above all else.

Wealthy Affiliate features a tight nit community of multi-talented online business professionals who will provide advice for you on every aspect of your entrepreneurial undertaking.  Whether you would like to know more about the programming aspect, web design, lead generation, email marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising - you will have every bit of support you could wish for.

A Personalized Experience

Wealthy Affiliate considers your needs as an individual and takes them into account when it comes to personalizing your business and optimizing your startup. Often times you will even get real personal messages from the owners checking up with you to see how things are coming along.

The members and crew of Wealthy Affiliate care about your success. It is rare to find a group so willing to help you in your journey to online success.


If you would like to join a community which is interested in the success of all of its members, Wealthy Affiliate may be an excellent choice for you. While this may sound overly positive, you'll understand why this is when you first login. Wealthy Affiliate is a real and practical way to make your online business take off smoothly right from the start.

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